Senior Pastor

Reverend Johnny A. McGee

Our Mission Statement

The Church is the gathering of people for the worship of God
with the task of proclaiming the gospel of JESUS Christ to
those who do not know Christ. To take the whole gospel of
Jesus Christ to the world. To provide a community in which
persons find each other, discover the meaning of love and
care, and find fellowship, to educate its members in the
content of faith, the teaching of scripture, the doctrines that
interpret these teaching, and the way in which believers
should live.

Our Vision

To employ, impact and transform the culture with the
Gospel Message of Jesus Christ through Evangelism
and Expository preaching, persuading people to not
only make a decision for Christ, but also to make him
Lord of their life, by Becoming Dedicated and
Matthew 28:18-20

Our Slogan

"Enter For Praise And Meditation"
"Depart With Preparation For Service"

Our Goal

"Become and Make Disciples for Jesus Christ"

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